Pet Portraits & Cartoon Illustration


Are they computer generated?

No, each illustration is a hand drawn original.

What materials do you use?

Each Caricature portrait is hand drawn in pencil onto (220 gsm) heavyweight cartridge paper then lined & inked in black pen before finally being coloured using Derwent Coloursoft pencils.  (final highlights where needed are added using acrylic paint)

Traditional portraits are drawn using a range of graphite pencils onto either (220 gsm) heavyweight cartridge paper or onto (300 gsm) fine grain watercolour paper if the portrait requires a more textured finish.

What size are the finished illustrations?

I usually work within A4 for single subjects and within A3 for group portraits.

Are they framed?

No, but artwork is supplied with a mount ready for framing.

How long does each one take?

A portrait similar to Donnie will take 8-10 hours, but because each drawing is individual, the amount of work needed can vary.

Can you draw my...?

I can turn my hand to drawing pretty much anything... pets, cars, people. Iím always open to ideas.

I would like to go ahead with a commission, what images do you need from me?

For cartoon portraits I just need a nice selection of photos that you feel best capture your pets personality and if needed some shots showing any distinctive markings. Whatever you have within reason I can and work with

For traditional pencil portraits I just need a good quality hi-resolution image to work from, an image that best represents the personality of your pet. If you are unsure which image to choose I will only be too happy to advise you on what will work best.

Help!Ö I want to give a portrait as a gift, but Iím having difficulty obtaining photos.

No problem if you are having problems getting images or are running out of time I can offer gift certificates for both cartoons and traditional portraits.